Project Type: Equity & Inclusion

  • CREA

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  • Building a Culture of Learning and Literacy in Rural Nicaragua

    CREA Inspires Nicaraguan Learners Through Programming Around Academic Success, Library Services, and Youth Development Serving learners with little access to technology in Nicaragua, CREA provides educational resources, library services, and youth development programming. Recognizing education as the key to driving positive change and breaking the cycle of poverty, CREA delivers comprehensive support for participants from…

    Students gathered around a laptop | CREA Nicaragua

  • Fundación Compromiso

  • Education Builds Employability for Students from Under-resourced Communities in Brazil and Argentina

    Free Training for Better Opportunities in the Digital Economy  Fundación Compromiso provides free training in digital trades to generate employability in the digital economy for students over 16 years old with socioeconomic barriers in Brazil and Argentina. Through their network of hybrid learning centers and their educational platform,’ Potrero Digital’, over 6,000 students currently access…

    Image of educators at Fundacion Compromiso gathered around a laptop

  • Pró-Saber SP

  • Educational Programs Anchored in Reading and Play Combat Inequality in São Paulo, Brazil

    Economic Disparity and Educational Disadvantages There are significant disparities in access to quality education in Brazil, with children in underserved communities facing substantial educational disadvantages. This inequality hinders the full development of these children and youth, limiting their future prospects.  Uplifting Education Through Literacy and Play Working against these disparities and located within the second…

    Pro-Saber SP educator speaking to a room of learners

  • Arrastão Project

  • Supporting Learners in São Paulo with Efficient Technology Solutions

    Inequalities in São Paulo, Brazil In São Paulo, Brazil, there is a wide disparity between the affluent city center and areas on the outskirts where many experience poor socioeconomic and environmental conditions. Communities face adversities including lack of income, risk of violence, socio-emotional weaknesses, and lack of access to healthcare. Teaching How to Fish, Feeding…

    Students from Arrastão Projecto in São Paulo, Brazil in a computer lab

  • NetApp Skilled Volunteers Transform Learning in Kenya

    When skilled volunteers engage nonprofit organizations serving learners in communities with limited resources, lives are transformed! Kenya has become a hub of innovation and technology, yet students and families in rural regions of the country have largely been left behind. Limited access to technology is just one part of the problem. According to the World…

    NetApp corporate volunteers with Team4Tech staff on a team call preparing for their project with Flying Kites a Kenya-based education-nonprofit.

  • Improving Technical Skills in Rural Communities with DigitalNEST

    DigitalNEST Helps Bridge the Digital Divide Team4Tech and DigitalNEST are partnering to develop technical skills in rural communities and create sustainable and scalable technology centers all over California. Historically, the rural, agricultural-based cities of Watsonville and Salinas did not benefit from the economic opportunity and digital innovation that tech brought to other California communities. As…

    Students participating in DigitalNEST workshop, learning technical skills.