Students pose with computers. The Centre for Youth and Development impacts STEM education in Malawi.

STEM Education in Malawi with the Centre for Youth and Development

Digital Education Gap in Malawi

According to the World Bank Human Capital project, a child born today in Malawi will be only 41 percent as productive as they could potentially be if they enjoyed complete and quality education and full health. Children in Malawi can expect to complete about nine years of schooling by age 18. When adjusted for quality of learning, this is equivalent to only about five years. This highlights a learning gap of four years.  The use of innovative technology can improve access to learning for children both in and out of school. Distance learning programs have been critical to ensuring the continuity of learning, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Due to these barriers, STEM education in Malawi is difficult to promote.

CYD Provides Women and Children Access to Quality Education

Children, youth, and women are the main focus of CYD’s development work, anchored and centered on Education, Health, and Economic Empowerment.  In sum, CYD promotes access to high-quality education for disadvantaged children and young people in targeted locations in Malawi. These students range across all levels of education from early childhood development through to tertiary education.

Team4Tech Partners to Train Teachers and Digitize Curriculum

Overall, Team4Tech’s partnership with the Centre for Youth and Development aims to scale up digital education capacity. Potential projects include:

  • By 2023, provide training to at least 500 teachers in computer literacy as well as Project-Based Learning and instructional skills.
  • Digitize the Malawi School Certificate of Education Syllabus into an interactive OER (Open Educational Resource) for student use. This will be accessible to a minimum of 200 partner schools (50,000 students) annually and hopefully for all students, anywhere.
  • Increase connectivity for 18 schools in the Mzuzu area.
  • Increase girls’ participation in STEM studies.

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