NetApp corporate volunteers with Team4Tech staff on a team call preparing for their project with Flying Kites a Kenya-based education-nonprofit.

NetApp Skilled Volunteers Transform Learning in Kenya

When skilled volunteers engage nonprofit organizations serving learners in communities with limited resources, lives are transformed!

Kenya has become a hub of innovation and technology, yet students and families in rural regions of the country have largely been left behind. Limited access to technology is just one part of the problem. According to the World Bank, only 35% of primary school teachers in rural Kenya possess the skills necessary for the curriculum they teach. Without foundational knowledge, these rural school children lack the ability to escape poverty. 

Skilled Volunteers Transforming Lives in Rural Kenya Through Education and Technology

A group of skilled volunteers from NetApp joined our facilitators from Team4Tech as they collaboratively addressed key barriers in scaling innovations through technology. Flying Kites is a strategic nonprofit partner with Team4Tech. The Kenya-based nonprofit organization is committed to improving access to quality education for children and have been doing so since its founding in 2007. Through its various programs and initiatives, Flying Kites ensures that children can attend school and receive the resources and support necessary to thrive academically and beyond. Skilled volunteers from NetApp created new opportunities for Flying Kites to scale their work with learners.

Kenyan Education: Flying Kites Teacher Training Center Benefits

Flying Kites believes that education is the path out of poverty. They work in under-resourced public primary schools and are improving student outcomes by:

  1. Upskilling teachers,
  2. Investing in girls, and
  3. Supporting healthy schools.

The Flying Kites Teacher Training Center (TTC) in Kenya’s South Kinangop district trains educators in effective, student-centered instruction with the goal of students achieving proficiency in literacy and numeracy to empower thousands of children with the skills needed to lift themselves out of poverty. As a result, more than 180 teachers have been trained, and over 5000 vulnerable students now access a higher quality of education. Team4Tech has partnered with Flying Kites to support their effort to scale their Technology Inclusion Initiative to over 18,000 students and 45 schools across their district by 2028.

Skilled Volunteers from NetApp Revolutionize Education with Technology for Empowerment

Building on previous Team4Tech projects, sixteen NetApp volunteers supported the Teacher Technology Training and Girls United programs. Volunteers helped design systems for launching a Mobile Tech Resource Library, allowing teachers throughout the district to borrow and utilize technology equipment they otherwise would not have access to. Volunteers sourced digital content that teachers can use to develop their digital literacy skills and tools to integrate into the classroom. Volunteers also developed a database of localized, digital content for the Girls United curriculum, providing teachers with resources and tools to empower young girls further to keep coming and succeeding in school.

This is just one example of Team4Tech’s global contributions to education. Our organization continues to accelerate the impact of nonprofit organizations globally.