Students in Kenya using Team4Tech Laptops

AI: An Opportunity for Educators and Learners

Team4Tech and Fab, Inc. are proud to collaborate on the initiative. This groundbreaking platform brings advanced AI tools to under-resourced learners worldwide. Housed in the UK, supports a small grants program for innovative projects leveraging AI to address real-world educational challenges. Our goal is to ensure every child has access to educational AI, even as the landscape continually advances.

Why AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can transform education, particularly in communities where resources are limited. We are seeing positive changes around AI taking hold more rapidly than changes from other tools. We must prevent AI from further widening the digital equity gap in education.

The Platform

In our joint initiative with Fab, Inc.,, we are creating a comprehensive knowledge hub providing educators and developers with the resources to build impactful educational tools. Designed to help educators and developers harness the power of AI to transform education, our open knowledge platform shares:

  • Inspiration and guidance around effectively implementing AI to improve learning outcomes.
  • Benchmarking tools using the latest evidence-based practices. Our benchmarking tools help assess the quality and efficacy of AI models and help ensure that those tools meet Team4Tech’s high standards.
  • A collection of open-source code and guides via a Github repository. These resources are designed to help developers create custom solutions tailored to their local educational contexts.

We are building a strong foundation for equitable AI in education. By developing and curating best practices, open-source code, and innovative ideas, we strive to reduce development costs and promote quality outcomes. 

Centering Collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of our initiative. We work closely with educators, developers, and industry partners to foster a supportive community. We encourage nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and global educators to join the Team4Tech Community of Practice to gain access to a network of like-minded individuals dedicated to making AI work for education.

Through, AI developers in under-resourced communities can access open-access and open-source components to create effective educational tools. Likewise, teachers in remote villages can use AI to create personalized lesson plans and receive instant feedback on student work, even with limited internet access. This is the future we’re building together.

We are grateful for the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Jacobs Foundation in making this vision a reality.