Image of educators at Fundacion Compromiso gathered around a laptop

Education Builds Employability for Students from Under-resourced Communities in Brazil and Argentina

Free Training for Better Opportunities in the Digital Economy 

Fundación Compromiso provides free training in digital trades to generate employability in the digital economy for students over 16 years old with socioeconomic barriers in Brazil and Argentina.

Through their network of hybrid learning centers and their educational platform,’ Potrero Digital’, over 6,000 students currently access coursework in digital marketing, web programming, e-commerce, cloud practitioner services, art and graphics, IT essentials, and more. Each course is led by a professor and a tutor and includes the technical subject, a digital English subject, and an emotional skills module. To date, 60% of graduates have secured jobs in the IT sector or improved their job situation thanks to the courses taken. 

Fundación Compromiso also serves a younger population of over 400 students ages 7-14 with their ‘Picadito Digital’ hybrid instruction, which focuses on initial programming and robotics. 

50% of Fundación Compromiso teachers and tutors are former students, serving as role models for current students. 

Expanding Offerings and Improving Organizational Analysis

Team4Tech will partner with Fundación Compromiso to improve the technological infrastructure used by their staff and by their students, enhance tools for tracking the student lifecycle, streamline student communication channels, and improve monitoring and evaluation of participant progress data.