Pro-Saber SP educator speaking to a room of learners

Educational Programs Anchored in Reading and Play Combat Inequality in São Paulo, Brazil

Economic Disparity and Educational Disadvantages

There are significant disparities in access to quality education in Brazil, with children in underserved communities facing substantial educational disadvantages. This inequality hinders the full development of these children and youth, limiting their future prospects. 

Uplifting Education Through Literacy and Play

Working against these disparities and located within the second largest favela in São Paulo, Pró-Saber SP’s mission is to strengthen Brazilian children’s integral education through experiences in reading and playing. Pró-Saber SP operates programming for young readers, teens, and literacy educators, as well as a community library serving over 8,000 registered users with more than 20,000 books. 80% of families participating in Pró-Saber SP programming report seeing a positive impact on their child’s reading ability.

Leveraging Technology for Organizational Capacity and Enhancing Online Learning

In partnership with Team4Tech, Pró-Saber SP will improve their organizational capacity through optimizing data management processes and establishing a robust CRM system, and they will improve the quality of their online course for educators in order to scale their impact to other regions of Brazil.