Gain real world skills while making an impact

University students want to make a difference. Team4Tech’s internship programs allow students the opportunity to support international nonprofits while gaining important professional experience and leadership skills.

Team4Tech’s internship program is focused on supporting nonprofit organizations working to improve education in under-resourced communities around the world. For university students interested in education, technology, and/or international development, who want to gain real-world experience and deliver solutions to educational nonprofits, this is a valuable opportunity.

Strengthening Local Education Capacity

Team4Tech is a nonprofit organization in Silicon Valley that works primarily with leading tech companies, using the skills and expertise of their employees to help integrate technology and build capacity for education nonprofits around the world.

Team4Tech builds long-term partnerships with local nonprofit organizations to support them in achieving their own goals through technology integration for education impact. In so doing, we fulfill our mission to advance the quality of education for learners in under-resourced communities worldwide.

Growing Student Leaders

Team4Tech’s internship program is a unique opportunity for undergraduate university students to support our nonprofit partners while building professional experience and leadership skills. 

“The content developed by the Team4Tech intern team really helped schools in Malawi since there is a shortage of books in libraries. Now students will have access to a variety of information in physics, biology, and chemistry. This will definitely improve education in Malawi.”

Doreen Luhanga
Program Director, Centre for Youth and Development

Team4Tech Student Internship

  • Work up to 20 hrs/week over 8 weeks
  • Collaborate in a team with up to 15 other interns
  • Gain real-world experience working in the nonprofit sector
  • Acquire cross-cultural skills needed in a globalized world
  • Network with students from other universities
  • Help advance the quality of education in under-resourced communities
  • Develop the following leadership skills through the project work and leadership training:

“Working with people from different backgrounds teaches and challenges people to work with each other efficiently and to be a leader. Team4Tech gives people that experience on a global level.”

Raziel Hillary Ramil
UC Davis 2020 Intern
Two teachers laugh in their classroom. Dignitas is supporting a transition to online learning in Kenya.

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Eligibility & Sponsorship

Any undergraduate or graduate student with interest or skills in technology, education, and/or international development is eligible to apply.

Many students receive funding and scholarships from their universities to participate in the Team4Tech internship program. This contribution supports Team4Tech’s mission of improving the quality of education for under-resourced learners through technology and training to empower them with the skills for educational and economic success. Contributions also support Team4Tech’s Education Impact Fund, from which we make grants to our nonprofit partners around the world. Those grants are used to buy hardware and software which Team4Tech projects help implement. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, all contributions are tax-deductible.

“I found the program to be very well planned out and coordinated. I loved the fact that there was a leadership development curriculum so that we were not just working but also learning!”

Gregory Macharia
Dartmouth College

“It’s a great opportunity for experiential learning and connecting with other students. Working on different teams with people of various expertise made it such a great collaborative experience.”

Francoise Niyigena
Middlebury College

“Global awareness is a key tenet of UC Davis. Actively working with international NGOs on the ground is really helpful for furthering UC Davis’ #GlobalAggies initiative.”

Genna Weinstein
UC Davis

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