Team4Tech is a nonprofit impact accelerator

Team4Tech is bridging the digital equity gap in education to create inclusion and opportunities for learners in under-resourced communities around the world (UN SDG 4.4).

Our impact

Over the past decade, we have provided in-depth support for 53 strategic nonprofit partners across 21 countries, helping them integrate technology into their education programming to advance learning outcomes for over 1 million learners. Many of these strategic partners have gone on to scale the solutions that work to reach millions more learners in their regions. Read more about our impact and our nonprofit partnerships.

Girl student holding touchscreen tablet

We envision a world where all learners have access to quality education for better employment and economic opportunities.

Our mission is to improve the quality of education for under-resourced learners by building nonprofit capacity through technology solutions and training.

Building on our decade of experience as a trusted partner to social innovators in communities facing deep educational and economic inequalities, we are expanding our programs to broaden and deepen support to serve more nonprofits around the world. Read more about our plans in the Team4Tech Strategic Plan.

Our values:

  • Inclusive – we believe everyone has the opportunity to be a learner and everyone has an opportunity to be a teacher.
  • Intentional – we are guided by creating positive impact with our partners as the Northstar.
  • Empathetic – we believe it takes humility, open collaboration and community to drive enduring change.
  • Responsible – we strive to be a reliable long-term partner, earning trust by keeping our commitments.
  • Agile – we strive to be nimble and responsive so that we can continuously learn and improve.

Our team

Board of Directors