Students from Arrastão Projecto in São Paulo, Brazil in a computer lab

Supporting Learners in São Paulo with Efficient Technology Solutions

Inequalities in São Paulo, Brazil

In São Paulo, Brazil, there is a wide disparity between the affluent city center and areas on the outskirts where many experience poor socioeconomic and environmental conditions. Communities face adversities including lack of income, risk of violence, socio-emotional weaknesses, and lack of access to healthcare.

Teaching How to Fish, Feeding for a Lifetime

The word Arrastão refers to fishing with a net, trawling along the bottom of the ocean. At Arrastão Project, they see themselves as a moving net, valuing each person’s potential, matching individual and group intelligences, integrating differences, and establishing bonds that build up a big and better picture. Arrastão Project’s mission is to form citizens capable of transforming their own reality and the environment (in which they live), always considering the collective spirit of “not giving fish, but teaching how to fish.”

Supporting families in São Paulo’s socially vulnerable Campo Limpo region since 1968, Arrastão Project offers daycare, children and teen, youth training, and entrepreneurship programming to over 1000 learners. Arrastão Project helps students achieve autonomy, become agents of change in their communities, and increase their professional and economic potential. 

Partnership to Accelerate Impact

In partnership with Team4Tech, Arrastão Project plans to integrate more technology topics into all its educational programs, use more technological tools for teaching and learning and thereby increase the efficiency of their team and the employability rates for students in their community.