Person Type: Team

  • Shida Zamani

    Shida Zamani Shida is responsible for leading Team4Tech’s data strategy, architecture, and management and integrating various data systems and tools to enhance operational efficiency. Shida has over a decade of experience in database administration within the nonprofit sector and leverages her extensive knowledge to support data-driven decision-making, fundraising, and program delivery. Her roles have encompassed…

  • Victoria Neff

    Director of Global Education Partnerships

    Headshot for Victoria Neff, Director of Global Education Partnerships

  • Rachel Dougherty

    Rachel Dougherty Rachel is responsible for cultivating Team4Tech’s positive brand visibility and increasing engagement across our audiences. Rachel brings over a decade of experience in education-sector communications, marketing, and design to her role. She is passionate about the messaging, visuals, and digital strategies that mission-driven organizations leverage to tell their stories and advance their goals.…

  • Meredith Hartery

    Meredith Hartery Meredith is responsible for building Team4Tech’s corporate partnerships and creating new opportunities for our partners’ employee development and engagement programs. Prior to joining Team4Tech, Meredith was Director of Partnerships at Path Forward where she helped companies create returnships for caregivers returning to their professional careers. Before her own break for caregiving, she worked…

  • Diego Nunes

    Diego Nunes Diego Nunes is responsible for supporting Team4Tech’s nonprofit partners in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as sourcing new nonprofit partners in the region. He is based in Brazil and speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and English. Before joining Team4Tech, Diego founded a social enterprise focused on training and inclusion of under-resourced learners in…

  • Goutham Kumar

    Regional Hub Coordinator, Asia

  • Kevin Muriuki

    EdTech Project Manager

  • Daria Ng

    Senior Program Director

  • Dr. Jody Britten

    Director of Learning Technology

    Jody Britten, Education, EdTech, Educational Leadership

  • Amy Harris

    Chief Development Officer