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Team4Tech co-founders, Julie Clugage and Lila Ibrahim, had a long, shared history of working together at Intel Corporation to advance education and economic development through technology. Early in their lives, they each witnessed the transformative power of education in expanding opportunities for under resourced students – Julie through her work at a school in rural Guatemala, and Lila through her work at the orphanage in Lebanon where her father was raised. They brought together their shared passion for education to successfully launch the Intel Education Service Corps in 2009. This program sparked a movement among thousands of Intel employees from around the world who wanted to volunteer their time and expertise to improve education.

In September 2012, they had an idea … what if they could create a compelling platform to engage talented professionals from many different technology companies to advance educational opportunities for under resourced students?

Team4Tech was born.

Team4Tech launched its first project in Kenya in May 2013 with five volunteers from Intel and four from VMware. The goal was to help the nonprofit organization, Orphans Overseas, implement an adaptive learning software solution to improve early literacy and numeracy for local primary school students. Within six months of project completion, participating first graders had more than doubled their literacy test scores.

Since this inaugural project, Team4Tech has continued to expand educational opportunities for thousands of under resourced students by leading technology volunteers on projects around the world. Our projects are continuously evolving and improving based upon the dynamic inputs of our talented partners and volunteers.

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Design for Impact: Billtrust and Vietnet-ICT

Vietnet-ICT provides technical training to close the digital divide Vietnet-ICT, a Vietnam-based nonprofit, aims to close the digital gap by enabling organizations and communities with technical skills. Vietnet-ICT supports low-resourced Vietnamese communities to access and benefit from information technology and communication services. The nonprofit was established in 2007 and has reached over 1.5 million people […]

Design for Impact: Adobe and Dost Education

Dost Education Fosters Early Childhood Development 90% of brain development occurs before age 6.  Dost Education, an India-based nonprofit, knows that quality education must start early and at home. Their program supports a child’s caregivers through communication on mobile devices. These resources equip parents of any literacy level with the skills to nurture cognitive and […]

Accelerating Digital Curriculum at S.O.U.L. Foundation

S.O.U.L. Foundation Enables Sustainable Livelihoods S.O.U.L. Foundation partners with local Ugandan communities in breaking the cycle of poverty with programs that provide education and employment opportunities. Students develop marketable skills through digital literacy training, tailoring programs, and mentorship. S.O.U.L. also provides access to maternal health resources and workshops for women and families. Team4Tech’s first strategic […]

Scaling literacy and STEM for Girls in India with Learning Links Foundation

Digitizing Curriculum in STEM for girls in India: Foundational reading and mathematics skills are necessary for early learners to build life-long learning habits. In India, children in early primary school (grades 1-3) experienced almost two years of learning loss due to Covid. Many of these learners already struggled to read by age 10 even before […]

University Internship for EdTech with Gashora Girls Academy, TEC, and CYD

Virtual Internship Opportunity for Undergraduate Students During the summer of 2021, Team4Tech partnered with Middlebury College, University of California at Davis, and Dartmouth College to provide a unique and impactful virtual summer internship for students interested in ed tech. The internship cohort included 15 students who worked with three of our nonprofit partners: the Gashora […]

Improving Technical Skills in Rural Communities with DigitalNEST

DigitalNEST Helps Bridge the Digital Divide Team4Tech and DigitalNEST are partnering to develop technical skills in rural communities and create sustainable and scalable technology centers all over California. Historically, the rural, agricultural-based cities of Watsonville and Salinas did not benefit from the economic opportunity and digital innovation that tech brought to other California communities. As […]


Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

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Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award