Team4Tech is a nonprofit impact accelerator, bridging the digital equity gap in education to create inclusion and opportunities for under-resourced learners around the world (UN SDG 4.4).

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Since 2013, Team4Tech has empowered more than 50 education innovators, nonprofits that are igniting the power of technology, and together we have impacted more than 130,000 learners in more than 20 countries, through $19M+ in technology grants and pro bono consulting. Read more about our impact and our nonprofit partnerships.

We envision a world where all learners have access to quality education for better employment and economic opportunities.

Our mission is to improve the quality of education for under-resourced learners by building nonprofit capacity through technology solutions and training.

Building on our decade of experience as a trusted partner to social innovators in communities facing deep educational and economic inequalities, we are expanding our programs to broaden and deepen support to serve more nonprofits around the world. Read more about our plans in the Team4Tech Strategic Plan.

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Whether you are an innovative education nonprofit leader, a corporate social impact leader, a volunteer, or a supporter, we invite you to join our journey to a better future for all. 

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Expanding RefuSHE’s Girls Empowerment Program

RefuSHE Provides Support to Young Refugees Kenya continues to host a large population of refugees and asylum seekers. Among the most vulnerable of Nairobi’s refugee population are unaccompanied and separated refugee girls and young women who are escaping war and extreme poverty. RefuSHE is a non-profit in Nairobi, Kenya, dedicated to protecting and educating over […]

Helping Dost Education Scale up to 2 Million Families

Nurturing Children’s Cognitive and Socio-emotional Development in India The early years (0 to 6 years) are the most extraordinary period of growth and development in a child’s lifetime. Dost Education understands the urgency of providing quality education during the primitive stage of a child’s life. By using mobile technology, research-backed curriculum, machine learning, and behavior […]

Impacting Young Learners with Blue Sapphire Hub Foundation

Youth Lacking Digital Skills Many people in Nigeria find it difficult to access the internet, and even in places where these networks exist, internet access is still inefficient and costly. Many also lack the resources to own smartphones or computers to access these services. The Northern Nigeria technology ecosystem is still at its early stage; […]

Empowering the Growth of Learners with Monitoring and Evaluation

Educating Young Girls Girls living in urban slum communities often have few rights and are barred from securing quality education. According to UNICEF, 129 million girls around the world are out of school where 32 million are primary school age. Due to that, they lack the access to self development tools and resources. Ek Tara […]

Bringing Digital Skills into Education

Strengthening Education Service Delivery In Arunachal Pradesh (India), 43% of the students and 90% of schools have limited access to digital devices and internet connectivity (India, (NAS 2021). This impedes teacher productivity and weakens the foundation of a child’s learning. Moreover, the limitations of getting real-time data hinder the ability of government officials to make […]

Expanding Opportunities in India with Barefoot College International

Employment Opportunities for Women Worldwide The World Bank estimates that globally, over 2.7 billion women are legally restricted from having the same job options as men. To provide people in developing countries with the skills to thrive in the future, especially women, education is a critical development goal that goes beyond foundational skills and promotes […]


Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

Team4Tech was born.

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Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award