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  • Empowering Entrepreneurship in Paraguay with Fundación Paraguaya

    Access to Entrepreneurship in Paraguay In Paraguay, more than 30% of the population lives in poverty. Six out of ten young people with jobs have bad working conditions, lack of adequate protection, and low wages. Thus, very few people have access to training for entrepreneurship in Paraguay. This disadvantage is due to the scarce opportunities…

    Children practice writing. Fundación Paraguaya supports families working towards entrepreneurship in Paraguay.

  • Empowering Education for Indigenous Women with PSYDEH

    Disproportionate Opportunity Gap for Indigenous Women in Mexico In many rural and isolated Indigenous communities in Mexico, a subsistence economy perpetuates poverty and gender inequality. A lack of civic engagement opportunities leads to corruption and ineffective government. Furthermore, access to education for Indigenous women varies. In rural Hidalgo, where PSYDEH works, most people have limited…

    Students in classroom. PSYDEH makes education for indigenous women more accessible.

  • Afterschool Program in Peru to Improve Quality of Education

    Gap in Primary Education for Peruvian Students According to the World Economic Forum, Peru ranks in the bottom 10% in the quality of primary education. The district of Ventanilla, where Kantaya works, is one of the most impoverished districts surrounding Lima, with a 30% poverty rate. Only 1 in 3 children finish secondary school and…

    Two girls doing a writing activity in Kantaya's afterschool program for Peruvian primary students

  • Providing Quality Education for Maya Women with MAIA

    Indigenous Women and Girls Lack Access to Education Education for Maya women and girls falls below the Guatemalan average. They make up the most marginalized group in Guatemala, as fewer than 20% complete high school and only an average of four years of schooling. In Sololá, the city where MAIA operates, 57% are married or…

    Students pose at the MAIA school. MAIA offers opportunities in quality education for Maya women.

  • Reaching More Families During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Twilio Helps Fundación Paraguaya Reach More Families During the COVID-19 Pandemic By Yannie Yip and Alice Cai, Twilio Team4Tech Employee Volunteers Previous Twilio Project: In May 2019, a group of Twilions (Twilio employees) traveled to Paraguay to work with the nonprofits Fundación Paraguaya and Penguin Academy to host a series of workshops and further develop…

    Family looking at touchscreen in store

  • Using Technology to Enhance Reading Services in Peru with Worldreader

    Latin America suffers from significant inequality when it comes to many areas, including education. For example, one in two students in Latin America do not reach the basic reading proficiency level required in the PISA assessment, led by the OECD, which highlights the learning crisis in the region. Of the countries on the PISA assessment,…

    Girl student smiling and holding a touchscreen tablet