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Activating the Potential of Impoverished Families in Paraguay with Fundación Paraguaya

Project Type: Virtual or On-Site (Short-term available)

When: Flexible

In Paraguay, more than 30% of the population lives in poverty. Six out of ten young people with jobs have bad working conditions, lack of adequate protection, and low wages. This disadvantage is due to the scarce opportunities and difficult access to specialized training and services to prepare youth for the labor market. 

Fundación Paraguaya develops and implements practical, innovative and sustainable solutions to activate the entrepreneurial potential of families to eliminate poverty. The Poverty Stoplight program improves the lives of thousands of families through a process that allows them to be the protagonists of their own stories. In addition to empowering families, the data collected through the Poverty Stoplight platform is useful for communities, organizations, companies, projects and governments. The Entrepreneur Education program works to ensure youth and entrepreneurs, especially female heads of households, have equal access to opportunities that will help them grow both personally and professionally. This empowers young people to become innovators and broadens the labor market with new opportunities.

Project Opportunity: Fundación Paraguaya would like to leverage a team of Team4Tech volunteers to:

  • Improve the Entrepreneurial Education program’s mobile application to offer start-ups the opportunity to match with mentors, access e-commerce and digital marketing, and to recruit interns
  • Double down on data analysis to help Fundacion Paraguaya make more informed decisions and provide partners and governments with richer data
  • Amplify Fundación Paraguaya’s social media presence by creating a digital footprint strategy
  • Develop a platform to track mentor interventions and mentee progress

Impact: More than 1,000 entrepreneurs have already signed up for their Entrepreneurial Education application, sharing their work with more than 200 organizations in 30 countries with the overall goal of the Poverty Stoplight platform reaching 1 million families globally.