Students in classroom. PSYDEH makes education for indigenous women more accessible.

Empowering Education for Indigenous Women with PSYDEH

Disproportionate Opportunity Gap for Indigenous Women in Mexico

In many rural and isolated Indigenous communities in Mexico, a subsistence economy perpetuates poverty and gender inequality. A lack of civic engagement opportunities leads to corruption and ineffective government. Furthermore, access to education for Indigenous women varies. In rural Hidalgo, where PSYDEH works, most people have limited or no access to phones or the internet. 86% of the population lives below the poverty line, and women typically make less than $50 per month. In such an inequitable environment, Indigenous women lack opportunities to lead in their communities, let alone work to address pervasive issues like inequality gaps.

PSYDEH Improves Access to Educational Resources

PSYDEH (Psicología y Derechos Humanos) has responded to gender inequality in partnership with Indigenous women in rural Hidalgo through experiential-education programming. Often aligned with short-term impact activities and interrelated community projects, PSYDEH invests in women as leaders to face inequality. Specifically, PSYDEH facilitates educational workshops serving thousands of Indigenous women and men. These workshops range on topics including individual and communal autonomy building, human rights, civic leadership skills, and electoral processes, for example.  

Team4Tech Helps Expand PSYDEH’s Network

PSYDEH has created a women-centric and community-led sustainable development model to bring innovative information and communication technologies to the Global South. Team4Tech’s partnership with PSYDEH will assist them in expanding their portfolio to include more ICT solutions into their programs. In addition, this portfolio will improve connectivity to their hubs to enhance outreach. For example, potential women partners may be in more isolated rural areas. 

Get Involved with Team4Tech and Our Partners

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