Two girls doing a writing activity in Kantaya's afterschool program for Peruvian primary students

Afterschool Program in Peru to Improve Quality of Education

Gap in Primary Education for Peruvian Students

According to the World Economic Forum, Peru ranks in the bottom 10% in the quality of primary education. The district of Ventanilla, where Kantaya works, is one of the most impoverished districts surrounding Lima, with a 30% poverty rate. Only 1 in 3 children finish secondary school and less than 2% have access to higher education.

Asociación Kantaya Supports Youths with Afterschool Program

Kantaya commits to improving access to quality education through its flagship afterschool program. Furthermore, the program complements the public schools that provide free education programs for children of ages 5-12. Kantaya provides a quality curriculum, focused on literacy, numeracy, technology skills, and soft skills. Students gain opportunities to learn from visits to universities, businesses, and museums, for example. 

Team4Tech Accelerates Technological Capacity

Kantaya is partnering with Team4Tech to build organizational capacity in using technology to facilitate its education programs and improve its operations. As Kantaya grows as an organization and expands its reach of programs offered and students they can reach, the need for a more professional approach to technology use becomes imperative.  Additionally, Team4Tech will develop digital strategy for Kantaya to create the systems and processes that will support the organization’s growth.

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