Location: Kenya

  • NetApp Skilled Volunteers Transform Learning in Kenya

    When skilled volunteers engage nonprofit organizations serving learners in communities with limited resources, lives are transformed! Kenya has become a hub of innovation and technology, yet students and families in rural regions of the country have largely been left behind. Limited access to technology is just one part of the problem. According to the World…

    NetApp corporate volunteers with Team4Tech staff on a team call preparing for their project with Flying Kites a Kenya-based education-nonprofit.

  • Kenya Connect

  • RefuSHE

  • NairoBits Trust

  • Flying Kites

  • Dignitas

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  • Expanding RefuSHE’s Girls Empowerment Program

    RefuSHE Provides Support to Young Refugees Kenya continues to host a large population of refugees and asylum seekers. Among the most vulnerable of Nairobi’s refugee population are unaccompanied and separated refugee girls and young women who are escaping war and extreme poverty. RefuSHE is a non-profit in Nairobi, Kenya, dedicated to protecting and educating over…

  • Digital Skills for Refugee Girls with RefuSHE

    Refugees in Nairobi Lack Supportive Resources More than 80,000 asylum seekers and refugees live in Nairobi, Kenya, mainly from Somalia, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Ethiopia. Among the most vulnerable of Nairobi’s refugee population are unaccompanied refugee girls and young women. Many fall victim to gender-based violence and early marriage. With little to…

    Woman embracing child. RefuSHE improves access to resources in digital skills for refugee girls.

  • Bridging the Digital Divide with Technology Labs in Kenya

    Lack of Technological Access in Rural Kenya Over 70% of families Kenya Connect serves in rural Kenya live in extreme poverty (less than $2 per day). The biggest challenge facing students in rural public schools is the lack of classroom resources, including devices and the internet. As Kenya has become a technology leader in east…

    Two students use a laptop. Kenya Connect enhances resources for rural schools through technology labs in Kenya.

  • Dignitas supports online learning in Kenya

    Overpopulation Impacts Kenyan Education On the eastern side of Nairobi, in Kenya’s capital city, lies the Mathare Valley Slum. In this high-density settlement, overpopulation is a severe issue as there are only three government-run primary schools that could not adequately accommodate the 150,000 school-aged children. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning in…

    Two teachers laugh in their classroom. Dignitas is supporting a transition to online learning in Kenya.