Expanding RefuSHE’s Girls Empowerment Program

RefuSHE Provides Support to Young Refugees

Kenya continues to host a large population of refugees and asylum seekers. Among the most vulnerable of Nairobi’s refugee population are unaccompanied and separated refugee girls and young women who are escaping war and extreme poverty.

RefuSHE is a non-profit in Nairobi, Kenya, dedicated to protecting and educating over 3,330 refugee women, girls, and children. Through case management support, access to safe shelter, psychosocial counseling, specialized education, and many other excellent services, these women can join RefuSHE’s social enterprise.

Digitizing RefuSHE’s Programs

Team4Tech has partnered with RefuSHE in Nairobi, Kenya since November 2021 to reach refugee girls and women through the integration of technology and implementation of digital learning platforms. 

This was Team4Tech’s first on-site project since the pandemic travel restriction in 2020. In this project, 12 Cadence volunteers supported RefuSHE in redesigning their Girls Empowerment Program where they tailored their education model to the changing guidelines from the Kenyan government. The versatility of this model will incorporate vocational training, reach more beneficiaries, and ultimately build sustainable exit strategies for refugees to ensure that they have the skills to succeed. 

Beneficiaries that have little to no literacy skills and no prior access to formal education are now able to gain business and entrepreneurship skills through an e-learning and wellness platform called Shelearns. This platform allows RefuSHE to scale their reach to additional urban refugee communities in Nairobi. 

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