Transforming Primary Education in Rural Kenya with Flying Kites

Project Type: Virtual or On-site

When: Any Dates; April or August preferred

The World Bank reports that only 35% of primary school teachers in rural kenya have been given the skills they need to demonstrate mastery of the curriculum they teach. The goal of Flying Kites Teacher Training Center is to help educators ensure that their students are able to achieve foundational levels of proficiency in literacy and numeracy.

Flying Kites provides educators from across Kenya’s South Kinangop district with a multi-faceted approach to professional development that builds the foundation for effective, student-centered instruction. Through week-long training summits, classroom-based coaching, experiential observation, and Professional Learning Circles, they aim to equip rural Kenya’s teachers with the tools to improve student outcomes and empower thousands of children with the skills they need to lift themselves out of poverty. 

Project Opportunity: Flying Kites is interested in leveraging a team of volunteers to:

  • Technology infrastructure design and set-up at the Flying Kites Teacher Training Center (TTC) & Academy as well as training on technology use, security, and tracking systems
  • Provide consultation and advisory services on organizational data management and record-keeping strategy, including the implementation of a student management system
  • Teacher workshops on basic computer literacy, including, but not limited to, Microsoft and Google applications as tools for subject-specific enhancements that improve student engagement and learning
  • Create a digital literacy framework and curriculum for students to improve computer familiarity, safety, and use by pre-primary and primary students.

Impact: This project will directly impact 65 workshop adults who will train 685 teachers reaching 18,861 students.