Students at Gashora Girls Academy in Rwanda working on a Team4Tech project with skilled volunteers from Salesforce in 2024

Skilled Volunteers Support Makerspace Initiatives, Student Mentorship, and Design Thinking at Gashora Girls Academy in Rwanda

In April 2024, skilled volunteers from Salesforce participated in an on-site Team4Tech project to support Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology (GGAST) in Rwanda.

A Rwandan School with a Vision of Leading in Innovative Education

Located in the Bugesera District of Rwanda, about an hour outside of the capital city of Kigali, Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology (GGAST) is an exceptional secondary school established in 2011 with the mission to provide high-quality education to bright, economically vulnerable girls from across Rwanda. GGAST prepares these young women for careers in science and technology, empowering them to become future leaders and changemakers in their communities. 

Since Team4Tech’s partnership with GGAST began in 2017, we have deepened Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professional development for GGAST teachers through $650,000+ in technology grants and pro bono consulting, including seven projects with skilled volunteers

Skilled Volunteers Collaborate with Team4Tech and NGO Staff to Build Capacity and Generate Ideas 

During the one-week project, seven dedicated volunteers from Salesforce worked closely with the talented staff and students at Gashora Girls Academy to support their new makerspace, mentor students in a visioning methodology, integrate design thinking principles into GGAST’s already impressive capstone project program, and more.

The volunteers put together comprehensive recommendations for Gashora’s new makerspace, focusing on four key areas: 

  • Atmosphere
  • Process
  • Physical Space
  • Makerspace Coordinator Role

These recommendations aimed to create an innovative, limitless, and creative space for students that encourages exploration and tinkering.

Sharing Knowledge and Training Teachers and Students Through Skilled Volunteers

Volunteers also provided training on Micro:Bit and Arduino, equipping students with valuable skills in programming and electronics. They assisted in preparing students for upcoming LEGO robotics competitions, fostering teamwork and problem-solving abilities.

The Salesforce volunteers led design thinking workshops for both teachers and students. For teachers, the workshop focused on reflecting on Project-Based Learning (PBL) at Gashora using design thinking methods. Students were challenged to use design thinking to tackle real-world problems, such as the prevalence of mosquitos on the school campus. These workshops introduced a versatile problem-solving approach that GGAST can apply to their capstone projects and other challenges.

I take great pride in the fact that many of the practices and workshops that we did in Gashora are common topics in our daily responsibilities at the organization, such as Salesforce. I believe that applying what we have learned in a completely different context allows us to make a significant impact, making our work as individuals and as a company highly valuable.”

–Salesforce Volunteer

Additionally, skilled volunteers mentored students in the Salesforce V2MOM visioning methodology, a framework that includes:

  • Vision
  • Values
  • Methods
  • Obstacles
  • Measures

By leveraging this visioning methodology, students can set clear goals and develop actionable plans for their future.

All in all, it was an incredible project, generating solutions and recommendations that will have a lasting impact on GGAST. This is just one example of Team4Tech’s global contributions to education. Our organization continues to accelerate the impact of nonprofit organizations globally.