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Transforming Educational Outcomes in Uganda with Inspiring Teachers

Project Type: Virtual or On-site

When: February-April Preferred; September-December

Every child has the right to quality education and every teacher deserves the support to keep getting better. Teachers make 3x more impact than any other factor in schools and great teaching can overpower inequity. Today, in low-resource settings, most teachers don’t get the support they need.

Inspiring Teachers exists as an innovative nonprofit that exists to fulfill the promise of teaching. Since 2011, they have run innovative teacher coaching programs reaching over 5000 teachers. Now, building on their experience, they are working to build digital tools to empower teachers, school leaders, and teacher coaches to keep getting better so that children get an education that sets them up to thrive.

Inspiring Teachers is at the cutting edge of applying digital teacher development. Their ambition is to build and pilot tools they have designed and then scale them with governments to improve education for 10 million children by 2030. 

Project Opportunity: LRTT is interested in leveraging a team of volunteers to:

  • Building a database and dashboard(s) tools for managing teacher coaching in low-resource settings.  
  • Designing and building companion apps that guide teacher coaching relationships
  • Support in training local education staff in using these mobile tools

Impact: This project will immediately impact 65 teachers teaching 12,000 students in an initial pilot. The program has the potential to scale across Uganda.