Three young students working with educational resource partner Raspberry Pi Foundation on a computer provided with grant funds from Team4Tech

Resource Partners for the Team4Tech Community of Practice

Are you an EdTech or educational resource developer? You are invited to join the Team4Tech educational resource partner program. As a partner, you share your work with organizations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Above all, the program design provides a space for you to reach our stakeholders in new and scalable ways.

Is your educational resource or EdTech-focused organization developing materials, tools, or software meant for use in under-resourced communities? Our new Community of Practice provides you with an opportunity to share those assets with our network.

Our Educational Resource Partner Program has been designed for your organization to share work, products, and expertise to support teaching and learning. There is an engaged group of education-focused nonprofit leaders, teachers, and other interested stakeholders participating in Team4Tech’s Community of Practice.

About our Community of Practice

The Team4Tech Community of Practice has members from over 35 countries, representing more than 130 education-focused organizations. This thriving community is growing daily. Our Community of Practice is deploying content in English and offers multiple pathways to engage, share, and inspire learning. We have regional coordinators living and working in Africa and India, and we are currently hiring for our Americas location. These coordinators continuously recruit new members.

Our Community of Practice membership is primed to engage with educational resource partner organizations that bring relevant EdTech, teaching, and learning materials to low-resourced contexts.

Currently, members are located throughout Africa, Southeast Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Australia.

  • 45% of our members are located throughout Africa
  • 18% of our members are located throughout Southeast Asia
  • 22% of our members are located throughout the Americas
  • 14% of our members are located throughout Europe and Australia

See how our educational resource partner program transforms access and learning while inspiring sustainable change.

Becoming a Team4Tech Educational Resource Partner

There are multiple opportunities for EdTech, teaching, and learning publishers and developers to engage our community. We bring in new thought leaders and new members of our educational resource partner program to share their work and help to build awareness, capacity, and skill with our community members. Remember, this community is filled with an important yet vastly underutilized group of educational change-makers.

See what current partners have contributed to our global network of education-focused nonprofit partners

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