Women in Technology Uganda

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Challenge: Over 60% of the population in Uganda is below the age of 30, and 74% of Ugandans between the ages of 15-25 are unemployed. The majority of them are young women who have either dropped out of school or did not acquire quality education due to poverty. Even if they are able to attend school, the education offered by public schools does not offer digital skills education to enable learners to benefit from the global shift towards technological jobs. Women and girls risk being left outside the labor force or trapped in vulnerable or low-quality employment, due to a lack of skills and access to quality jobs.

Women in Technology Uganda (WITU)’s Solution: WITU works to improve the lives of women and girls in Uganda.  WITU’s technology and entrepreneurship classes, empower women with market-relevant skills, support them in starting their own businesses and help them connect to work opportunities. 

Team4Tech and Women in Technology Uganda Impact Goals: In 2019, Team4Tech supported WITU in launching Kampala’s first community maker space to provide women access to a 3D printer, design software, and VR technology. As a result, women are now getting access to better jobs, internships at multinational companies, and starting their own businesses. Subsequent projects continue to support WITU in building out its STEM and entrepreneurship curriculum to reach even more women.


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