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Challenge: The Liberian education system is emerging from long-standing impacts from the war, compounded by the 2015 school closure due to the Ebola Viral Disease (EVD) outbreak, and more recent school closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic, continue to take a toll on the fragile education system. Only 54% of children complete primary education. For those children who are enrolled in primary and secondary school, many are overage. In fact, the vast majority of Liberia’s students are older than the appropriate age for their grade and are therefore at high risk of dropping out.

EDUCARE’s Solution: EDUCARE is a digital solution for curbing poverty aimed at increasing digital literacy among communities in Liberia as well as supporting the development of digital platforms and networks for an improved education sector, improved economic productivity as well as increased income generation in the communities. The strategy is to work on programs that increase people’s digital basic skills.

Team4Tech and EDUCARE Partnership Impact Goals: EDUCARE’s overall vision in this partnership is to work with Team4Tech to increase access to quality education in vulnerable and underserved communities in Liberia using technology solutions and capacity building in digital education. With the help of the Team4Tech team, EDUCARE aims to provide technology, localized digital learning content, and training for both rural trainers and learners in the targeted unreached communities. 


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