Virtual volunteers smile in online meeting as they helped build organizational capacity to support NGO work on inner development for youth in underserved areas

Bolstering Organizational Capacity to Better Serve Indian Youth

Inner Development for Youth in Underserved Communities

In Bihar, one of India’s most historically impoverished states, high poverty rates have dire implications for marginalized groups—like women and girls. With limited access to education and economic opportunities, many young girls marry and have children before the age of 18. 

WorldBeing (formerly CorStone) is an NGO delivering personal resilience programs to improve the well-being of youth to be critical change agents in their communities. They believe that cultivating emotional resilience is a foundational step in helping youth to thrive. 

Operating in India, Kenya, and Rwanda, WorldBeing’s evidence-based programs focus on three core areas:

  • emotional health
  • physical health
  • education

Virtual Volunteers Engineer Solutions Through Human-Centered Design 

In a two-week virtual design sprint, five ServiceNow volunteers worked together with WorldBeing to recommend solutions for managing donor and fundraising efforts. Volunteers utilized a human-centered design approach—learning more about WorldBeing and Indian culture, testing potential solutions, and using feedback to iterate on prototypes and final recommendations.

Working with this group—your analytical mindset certainly came through. How you think through problems and the customer-centric approach you brought to the project from day one—there’s also implications for how we think about our own work and be youth-centered and partner-centered as well.”

Naresh Kachoria | Director, International Programs | WorldBeing

Building Organizational Capacity to Accelerate Impact

The volunteer team provided both immediate and long-term solutions to address challenges WorldBeing faces and help them plan for future fundraising efforts. Volunteers researched and recommended customizable digital tools to streamline WorldBeing’s fundraising workflow—working within their existing digital infrastructure in the short term, with the potential of moving to a more scalable CRM system in the future for quicker, easier task-tracking and a more user-friendly interface.

I think that you’ve positioned us in a really great way by giving us something tangible to think about and work on as we diversify our fundraising…I can already see the direct impact that your work has had on our daily operations.”

Bridgid Fister | Program Associate | WorldBeing

These solutions from the Team4Tech volunteer team will support Wordbeing’s organizational capacity as they continue to grow, scale, and diversify their funding streams—enabling them to positively impact even more youth in India, Rwanda, and Kenya.

Cultivating Collaborative Partnership

WorldBeing joined the Team4Tech community as a portfolio partner in 2020. Our collaborative projects have included training staff on a learning management system, creating digital training tools for middle school students throughout India, and strengthening in-house knowledge management systems and tools. We look forward to more opportunities to advance WorldBeing’s trans-disciplinary, integrative approach to developing and supporting mental health and inner well-being for vulnerable youth.

This is just one example of Team4Tech’s global contributions to education. Join us in leveraging technology for career-connected education and impact learners around the world—give to support our work.