Corporate Volunteers Support Education Transformation in India

Corporate Volunteers from Cadence Support Education Transformation in India

A team of ten corporate volunteers from Cadence Design Systems joined a strategic pro bono project to support Barefoot College International (BCI). At Team4Tech, our flagship strategic pro bono program engages a team of 10-15 employees in a capacity-building project to support education-focused nonprofit organizations and their staff. The highly skilled Team4Tech Program Directors deliver a meaningful employee experienceCorporate Social Impact Volunteer Programs by facilitating program components, including:

  • Working with vetted education-focused nonprofits to identify challenges and areas where they could benefit from the support of skilled volunteers;
  • Assisting in recruiting skilled volunteers;
  • Scoping and managing the project;
  • Setting deliverables and helping volunteers stay on track to meet expected timeline;
  • Facilitating the Team4Tech leadership development curriculum;
  • And coordinating logistics and providing impact reporting.

During this strategic pro bono project, Cadence volunteers brought innovative technology solutions, including artificial intelligence video editing tools and virtual reality headsets, to BCI. When fully integrated, it is expected that volunteer contributions will impact over 5,000 children over the next year. This project built on Cadence’s strong “One Team” culture, with employees working for several weeks virtually to learn about BCI’s goals and challenges. Following their virtual collaborations, corporate volunteers traveled from six countries to support BCI on location in India.

Immersive Collaboration and Corporate Volunteers Drive Impact 

Visiting the BCI campuses and Digital Community Schools in the states of Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh, India, corporate volunteers supported teachers as they worked through their goals of integrating technology into the curriculum and improving the EduBox solution. The EduBox is the BCI in-house assembled Solar Powered Projector. This is an easy-to-use one-switch solution to transform a community space into a digital classroom. Volunteers also supported the integration of Virtual Reality and interactive content into BCI’s Digital Community School curriculum and identified more efficient ways to create videos and other content using tools that leverage artificial intelligence. The contributions of the volunteers provided a foundation for BCI to produce more educational content in a shorter amount of time, enhance learning, and expand its curriculum. With the integration of new methods and tools, this project has the potential to transform education for learners in rural areas throughout India.