Skilled Volunteers in Brazil Accelerate Impact through Zendesk’s Global Impact

The program team at Team4Tech facilitated a Design for Impact program with Zendesk to connect skilled volunteers in Brazil (via Zendesk Brazil) with Projeto Amigos das Criancas (PAC). PAC is an education-focused nonprofit organization that operates in low-income communities, serving over 1,000 children and their families who grapple with limited access to education, healthcare, and other basic services. The goal of the collaboration with skilled volunteers was to support PAC’s mission and help them overcome operational challenges. The work of Team4Tech helps to support the scale and sustainability of education-focused nonprofit organizations. This project created opportunities for PAC to move forward in critical areas facing their organization.

Skilled Volunteers in Brazil Bring Innovative Solutions to Diverse Challenges

PAC presented the volunteers with multiple challenges, including:

  • Improving communication,
  • Finding partners,
  • Reaching stakeholders,
  • Monitoring projects, and
  • Fundraising.

In response, volunteers from Zendesk Brazil suggested solutions for boosting visibility and funding, enhancing digital communication, developing a project-tracking dashboard, and engaging donors.  

Zendesk Volunteers Demonstrate Corporate Commitment to Global Social Impact.

The 60 pro-bono hours contributed by Zendesk volunteers will benefit PAC programs that support about 1,000 learners annually. The Zendesk volunteers gained insight into PAC’s work by applying Team4Tech’s approach. PAC appreciated exchanging ideas, using Design Thinking, developing fresh perspectives, stimulating creativity, and collaborating.