Digital Literacy with Learners in Tanzania

Limited Access to Education 

Many young people across Tanzania are not able to access the key driver of social change: education. Almost 70% of children ranging from age 14 to 17 are not enrolled in secondary education, and these rates are significantly lower for girls. For those students who are able to attend secondary school, an educational system carried over from traditional colonial structures limits creativity, collaboration, and community engagement.

Expanding Skill-Based Learning to Classrooms

Orkeeswa cultivates young leaders across disciplines, developing a network of community-driven innovators who can collaboratively create healthy, thriving communities.

Using the community as a classroom, they invest in student-centered, skills-based learning for young people at three critical points:

  • Orkeeswa Outreach utilizes trains and motivates Orkeeswa student and alumni leaders to run holistic programming in local primary schools.
  • Orkeeswa School provides high-quality academics, robust co-curricular programs, student wellness services, and community-based leadership through a holistic secondary school experience.
  • Orkeeswa Incubator supports the ongoing impact of alumni through professional development, higher education scholarships, and small grants and mentorship for entrepreneurs.

Digitizing Curriculums with Team4Tech

In partnership with Team4Tech, Orkeeswa hopes to positively influence dozens of schools and over 20,000 students and teachers through their programs. Increasing Orkeeswa’s technological capacity, through skills training, hardware, software, and more would significantly increase its impact over the next five years. Team4Tech will support these goals by building computer literacy, a robotics curriculum, and increasing access to computers, tablets, and projectors in all classrooms for teachers and students.

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