Increasing Engagement with PEPY’s Program

PEPY’s Academic Enrichment

Although student enrollment in primary education in Cambodia has increased, children are still failing to reach the learning standards appropriate for their age. 

PEPY Empowering Youth is a nonprofit in rural Siem Reap, Cambodia dedicated to empowering high school students through personal and professional development. By providing academic programs, scholarships, ICT training, and access to a network of supporters, their students can succeed in school and eventually thrive in the professional setting of their choice. 

Enhancement of PEPY’s Program Offerings

Since 2020, Team4Tech has been working with PEPY to develop staff capacity to enhance the organization’s operations and impact. 

For this project, 12 Zendesk Team4Tech volunteers worked with PEPY to create a community engagement strategy to support the launch of their Community Computer Lab and increase the number of youth participating in their programs as well as improve monitoring and tracking of youth engagement. They also supported PEPY to enhance their digital marketing to support the launch of their new website and advised on content creation tools to develop engaging videos and content. 

Through the support of Zendesk volunteers, PEPY will be able to build broader awareness of their programs to reach more youth in rural Siem Riep and be able to better support students through more robust monitoring and evaluation practices to track their progress.

The support from Team4Tech helped us enhance our IT teaching in the classrooms and also our strategies for social media and our website. We appreciate the volunteers taking the time to research best concepts and practices for us to implement in addition to technical aid.

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