Establishment of Digital Safety and Makerspaces with MAIA

Educational challenges for women and girls in Guatemala 

Maya women and girls are the most marginalized group in Guatemala where fewer than 20% complete high school, averaging only four years of schooling. In Sololá, the city where MAIA operates, 57% are married or have become mothers by the time they are 18, which significantly hinders the ability of indigenous women and girls to reach their full potential and become active leaders in their community and country. 

The MAIA Impact School was launched in 2017 to increase educational resources for children amid the pandemic and transform young Mayan girls into community leaders.

Safety and Awareness on MAIA’s Digital Platforms

Team4Tech has partnered with MAIA in Guatemala since 2021 to support and leverage technology to impact outcomes for their learners.

Barracuda volunteers supported MAIA’s curriculum on internet safety, by creating content to address the importance of digital security and how to protect yourself from danger on the internet, such as bullying and identity theft. By 2024, MAIA plans to have a complete cybersecurity course in its tech curriculum materials. 

One of MAIA’s long-term goals is to establish mini makerspaces (physical spaces) in their schools. Barracuda volunteers researched and developed a roadmap for MAIA on what the makerspaces could include in their low-tech, low-resource environment. Volunteers also provide examples and resources on courses such as electronics, software development, Raspberry Pi, and podcasting. MAIA will be able to take these recommendations and pilot their first makerspace, with the future goal of scaling it to their other schools.

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