Improving Opportunities for Women in Uganda with WITU

Gender Inequality in Workforce Readiness

74% of Ugandans between the ages of 15-25 are unemployed. With that, women and girls face a higher risk of being excluded from the labor force. If not, they are often trapped in vulnerable and low-quality employment due to a lack of skills, quality jobs, and gendered expectations of their roles as caregivers.

By providing young women with market-relevant skills and tech tools, Women in Technology Uganda (WITU) creates opportunities for them to start their own businesses and gain access to better work opportunities.

Enriching WITU’s Programs

Team4Tech has partnered with WITU since 2019 to support their programs in empowering young women with technology and entrepreneurship skills. 

For this project, a team of Zendesk volunteers collaborated with WITU to enrich their computer science curriculum, designed a hackathon guide and low-tech activities to increase girls’ engagement and retention in STEM, created marketing guidelines to increase WITU’s online visibility, and explored ways to create a WITU-specific job platform for students to find internships and job opportunities.

“The organizational impact is huge across all programs. With these new resources from Team4Tech, we’ll be able to expand our code girls program. We appreciate all the support you have rendered to us. This has built the capacity of our staff and not just the organization.”

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