STEM Training in Ghana’s Education System with Africa ICT Right

Ghana’s Digital Divide

Underserved communities in Ghana face significant challenges in providing children and adolescents with the accessibility to personal computers, mobile phones, and internet technologies as the distribution of these tools are critical. Even more, UNICEF estimates that 2 in 3 children and young people aged 25 years or less do not have internet access at home.

Empowering marginalized groups with ICT

Africa ICT Right empowers marginalized groups like women, people with disabilities, and children by introducing digital opportunities. Through programs such as iTeach ICT, they equip STEM teachers with the relevant skills and content to integrate ICT into their teaching and learning.

Team4Tech and Africa ICT Right Improve Tech Infrastructure and Build Staff Capacity

To improve Ghana’s education system, Africa ICT Right will work in partnership with Team4Tech to enhance school systems by creating a new STEM training manual for teachers and improving program tracking systems. Through this effort, Africa ICT Right is able to provide an environment for students and teachers to thrive in.

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