Expanding Opportunities in India with Barefoot College International

Employment Opportunities for Women Worldwide

The World Bank estimates that globally, over 2.7 billion women are legally restricted from having the same job options as men. To provide people in low-resource contexts with the skills to thrive in the future – especially women – education is a critical development goal that goes beyond foundational skills and promotes curiosity, agency, and leadership.

Mother, Daughter, Sister and Solar Engineer

The vision of Barefoot College International (BCI) is to build self-reliant rural communities worldwide based on the theory of change that ‘Women prosper, we prosper, the planet prospers’. BCI has worked with rural communities in 17 states in India and 93 countries globally where they host various innovative programs focused on education, women’s economic and digital participation as well as livelihoods and rural enterprise.

Inclusive Learning Methods with Team4Tech

Digital citizenship awareness is crucial now; hence, youth and teachers must be reskilled. With the Team4Tech partnership, BCI hopes to redevelop the ‘Digital Community School’ EduBox by bringing in new solutions that’ll eventually become the new standard model for effective digital education in schools across the Global South, starting with villages where Barefoot’s solar sakhis/engineers exist.

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