Empowering the Growth of Learners with Monitoring and Evaluation

Educating Young Girls

Girls living in urban slum communities often have few rights and are barred from securing quality education. According to UNICEF, 129 million girls around the world are out of school where 32 million are primary school age. Due to that, they lack the access to self development tools and resources.

Ek Tara Addresses Gender Inequality

Ek Tara aims to educate, engage, and empower girls from marginalized communities. Through giving them access to high-quality learning resources, Ek Tara works to transform the lives of girls living in urban slum communities in Kolkata (India). Ek Tara’s education and child development programs offer literacy and numeracy classes as well as co-curricular activities.

Team4Tech Supports Ek Tara with Monitoring and Evaluation Practices

To strengthen Ek Tara’s tech team, Team4Tech will help create a learning management system to embed monitoring and evaluation tools. With the system, it will collect data for all programs to understand how to positively support students’ growth. In addition to the partnership, Team4Tech will support Ek Tara in creating programming and robotics opportunities for learners.

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