Digitizing Education for Rwandan Students

Educational Challenges in Rwanda

UNESCO estimates that only 18% of Rwandan youth complete upper secondary school and among those living in low-income households, that graduation rates drop to 4%. In 2020, the Rwandan Ministry of Education reports only 55% of secondary schools were equipped with technology. These limitations make it difficult for many Rwandan youth, especially those living in poverty, to access the knowledge and skills they need to secure stable and fulfilling employment.

ASYV Supports Vulnerable Youth with Education and Dignity

Through healing, education, and love, the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village (ASYV) empowers 500 orphaned and vulnerable Rwandan youth to build lives of dignity through compassionate living and learning environments and contribute to a better world.

ASYV and Team4Tech Partner to Enhance Technology for Learning

Although ASYV has done incredible work digitizing education, education technology is new for ASYV teachers and students, and teachers’ capacity to analyze data regarding student progress and program impact is limited. ASYV is partnering with Team4Tech on teacher training, a digital curriculum review, and an assessment of the templates and technology for tracking student progress, so students can gain the skills they need for future success.

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