CASME Learners Participate in Digital World

Inclusive Hybrid Learning Models in South Africa

UNESCO claims that the current rates of educational access in sub-Saharan Africa are among the lowest in the world due to a shortage of technology and school equipment especially with the pandemic. The Centre for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Education (CASME) is combating this by taking a hybrid approach to close the knowledge and skills gap with both digital and face-to-face offering.

CASME Supports Learners, Teachers, and Gives Access to Resources

CASME provides quality teacher professional development opportunities for mathematics and science education in under-resourced schools in South Africa. To improve the learning outcomes, with the support of Team4Tech, CASME aspires to digitize the curriculum, build staff capacity, and create automated assessment tools to improve efficiency.

Team4Tech Helps Improve Reach and Impact

CASME envisions a future where technology will allow the teachers to develop creative and interactive classrooms while giving them access to innovative resources for professional development to improve math and science education. With Team4Tech’s support, they will integrate a blend of computer-related learning activities into the curriculum for CASME’s teacher professional development program.

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