Vietnet-ICT Design For Impact

Design for Impact: Billtrust and Vietnet-ICT

Vietnet-ICT provides technical training to close the digital divide

Vietnet-ICT, a Vietnam-based nonprofit, aims to close the digital gap by enabling organizations and communities with technical skills. Vietnet-ICT supports low-resourced Vietnamese communities to access and benefit from information technology and communication services. The nonprofit was established in 2007 and has reached over 1.5 million people through its programs. 

To scale their work, Vietnet-ICT partnered with Team4Tech and Billtrust to tackle the design question: “How might we increase virtual student engagement for learners in low-resource settings?”

Billtrust Volunteers Engage in Design For Impact Workshop

The Team4Tech’s Design for Impact workshop was a part of the Billtrust For Better day, which engaged volunteers in social impact initiatives.

Eighteen Billtrust volunteers engaged in a two-day workshop where they practiced using the human-centered design thinking process. Team4Tech’s Design for Impact workshops emphasize developing problem-solving skills using empathy, ideation, and iterative feedback. Volunteer groups developed problem statements based on the design challenge, prototyped a solution, and presented their designs to the larger group and Vietnet-ICT staff members. Example prototypes included feedback surveys, alumni mentors, curriculum gamification, and self-paced learning.

Impact on Employee Engagement and Vietnet-ICT’s Success

Design for Impact workshops provide nonprofits with valuable input and allow volunteers the opportunity to grow in their own leadership skill development. Participants often express that they look forward to incorporating what they learned about human-centered design into their daily work. At the same time, new ideas are generated for the nonprofit partner. When asked how this workshop will amplify Vietnet-ICT’s impact, Hien Pham (project and training manager) said,

“The Team4Tech workshop will help us improve the quality of our training programs. This is critical because it is our primary activity in closing digital gaps in underserved communities.”

Billtrust volunteers collaborate with Vietnet-ICT to build capacity for under-resourced learners in Vietnam.

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