Scaling literacy and STEM for Girls in India with Learning Links Foundation

Digitizing Curriculum in STEM for girls in India:

Foundational reading and mathematics skills are necessary for early learners to build life-long learning habits. In India, children in early primary school (grades 1-3) experienced almost two years of learning loss due to Covid. Many of these learners already struggled to read by age 10 even before the pandemic. Strategies for 2022 and beyond focus on re-engaging learners in literacy and numeracy skills to recover from Covid-19 learning loss. Additionally, new strategies are needed to increase interest in STEM for girls in India.

Learning Links Foundation (LLF) is a nonprofit in India and dedicated to transforming lives through learning. They commit to creating a future where everyone has equal opportunities. LLF empowers students to make the most of their talent, prepares educators to transform teaching, and skills youth to be self-reliant. They have reached 6.5 million students by training over 2 million teachers since their founding in 2002. Team4Tech and LLF have been partners since 2020. The main goals of the partnership are to improve teacher skills through a professional development platform and improve student engagement and outcomes. This is Team4Tech’s second strategic and fifth overall project with LLF.

Project Outcomes with NetApp Volunteers:

Team4Tech and NetApp volunteers supported Learning Links with the goals of improving literacy and numeracy skills of students in under-resourced government schools as well as engaging more girls in STEM. Volunteers helped digitize the numeracy and literacy curriculum so that Learning Links can reach more students and train more teachers. They also identified STEM competitions across India to increase girls’ interest and participation in STEM opportunities. Team4Tech grant funding will continue to support ongoing digital development in 2022.

Impact of Curriculum and STEM Opportunities:

With Team4Tech’s support, LLF will be able to support 450 teachers and 50,000 students in India with these programs.

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