The African SOUP supports teacher training in Uganda in digital literacy skills.

Teacher Training in Uganda with The African SOUP

Supporting Primary Level Digital Education

Ugandan primary school attendance has grown due to a universal primary education policy. However, the quality of teaching and learning needs significant improvement. Teacher training in Uganda lacks support. Many children do not complete their schooling nor have the competencies needed to do well in life.  Only 1 in 4 children who start primary school make it to secondary school. Less than half (40 percent) of students are literate at the end of primary school.

Equipping Teachers with Digital Literacy Skills

The African SOUP aims to empower communities through national education change. They are informed by their community development programs in rural Eastern Uganda. Their initial goal was to address the lack of access to education in the Nabikabala village. However, this goal has expanded to improve the quality of primary education across the country. They base their strategy on best practices to equip pre-service teachers with student-centered learning approaches through The Active Learning Project.

Team4Tech Helps Staff and Lead Skill Training

In order to provide high-quality, practical education to students, teachers, and community members with appropriate use of technology, the African SOUP is partnering with Team4Tech. The vision is to have staff and students empowered rather than intimidated by technology. The African SOUP staff will be able to use technology to capture organizational knowledge and share learning content. This development will allow them to track program progress to make operational improvements and scale their programs. Students and community members will have a level of digital literacy that allows them to excel in secondary school, tertiary education, and their careers.

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