Children practice writing. Fundación Paraguaya supports families working towards entrepreneurship in Paraguay.

Empowering Entrepreneurship in Paraguay with Fundación Paraguaya

Access to Entrepreneurship in Paraguay

In Paraguay, more than 30% of the population lives in poverty. Six out of ten young people with jobs have bad working conditions, lack of adequate protection, and low wages. Thus, very few people have access to training for entrepreneurship in Paraguay. This disadvantage is due to the scarce opportunities for specialized training and services to prepare youth for the labor market. 

Improving Resources for Women and Families

Fundación Paraguaya develops and implements practical, innovative, and sustainable solutions to activate the entrepreneurial potential of families to eliminate poverty. The Poverty Stoplight program improves the lives of thousands of families by allowing them to be the protagonists of their own stories. The data collected through the Poverty Stoplight platform is useful for communities, organizations, companies, projects, and governments. The Entrepreneur Education program works to ensure youth and entrepreneurs, especially female heads of households, have equal access to opportunities that will help them grow both personally and professionally. This empowers young people to become innovators and broadens the labor market with new opportunities.

Team4Tech Impacts Technology Programs

FP hopes to reach 1 million families with their Poverty Stoplight program.  It has already reached 80,000 families through 257 organizations in 23 countries. In order to scale, FP must digitalize the survey that families take to participate in the program, a project that requires highly proficient tech skills among FP staff, tech literacy among program participants, and app developers who can build the Poverty Stoplight platform. FP has started new initiatives to address all three concerns. 

Fundacion Paraguaya seeks Team4Tech support in strengthening their technology programs in order to broaden their reach and scale. A stronger tech infrastructure will help Fundacion Paraguaya in its mission to eliminate multidimensional poverty worldwide by enabling its programs to reach additional international organizations and ultimately more families. Better technology will enable exponential growth.

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