Educator Support in Uganda with Inspiring Teachers

Teachers in Uganda Lack the Resources to Thrive

Millions of teachers in low-resource contexts aren’t getting the support they need to succeed in their classrooms. Without educator support in Uganda, teachers struggle and as they lose motivation, their students fall behind.  Before the pandemic, 190 million children were in school, but on track to leave unable to read, write or do basic math. And the pandemic school closures have left students even further behind.

Inspiring Teachers Equip Teachers with Skills and Confidence

Inspiring Teachers’ Solution: Teaching quality has 3x more influence over learning than any other factor in schools. Effective support programs can inspire teachers and dramatically increase learning in classrooms.  

The goal of Inspiring Teachers is to rebuild teacher support by:

  • Harnessing the science of learning
  • Designing for behavior change
  • Leveraging the power of technology
  • Designing for implementation at scale  

Inspiring Teachers’ goal, overall, is to improve learning outcomes for 10 million teachers by 2030.

Team4Tech Helps Streamline Digital Operations

Education field staff are the bridge between national educational strategy and aspirations and school and classroom realities. But today, too often their roles are set up to fail. To help them succeed, Inspiring Teachers’ vision is to build, prove the impact of and scale up a suite of digital technology, training, and management tools that enable African governments to roll out instructional coaching programs that improve teaching and learning outcomes at a national scale. With Team4Tech’s support in particular, they would like to build and deploy user-centered digital solutions to transform the workflow and effectiveness of education field staff and the management structures that support them.

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