Children holding playful ABC learning cards

Supporting High-quality STEM Education in Tanzania with Tanzania Education Corp

In 2018, the World Bank stated that secondary school enrollment for girls in Tanzania was only 30%. Today, if a female student falls pregnant, she is not permitted to continue with her education. Limited access to schooling undoubtedly causes significant long-term socio-economic ramifications for the nation as a whole. 

Tanzania Education Corp’s mission is to support high-quality education in partnership with Tanzanian-run schools. They provide access to STEM and PBL programs through the Tumaini Schools to open up a multitude of flexible career opportunities to this demographic. They strive to contribute towards the equalization of access to quality education in Tanzania in addition to facilitating better representation in the tech industry as a whole during its rapid growth. 

Project: Tanzania Education Corp is leveraging a team of volunteers to:

  • Provide staff mentorship and digital literacy training with the hope for Microsoft certifications (or equivalent) for select staff members in each department
  • Mentor female student and/or facilitate a women’s lecture series to empower and encourage the girls to incorporate their entrepreneurial ambitions with their STEM skill-set
  • Create a graphic design/animation curriculum for students to enable them to express themselves in a visual format and to form a graphic design club at Tumaini Senior Secondary School

Impact: This project would impact the entire student population of 1,206 students as well as 69 teachers.