Leveraging Technology to Empower Disadvantaged Youth in Kenya with NairoBits Trust

Youth aged between 15 to 24 make up 20% of Kenya’s population but are largely disadvantaged in terms of basic human needs, including access to education and skills development in various areas. Overwhelming evidence shows that people with lesser chances to access opportunities are not only often poverty stricken but also reside in worse areas.

NairoBits is a technology Trust that supports youth from low-income communities to make gainful advantage of the digital economy. They work with community-based organizations to skill these youth with digital competencies, explore their talents and empower them to become more resilient to enable them to thrive in the digital age and enhance their quality of life 

Project Opportunity: Nairobits is collaborating with a team of volunteers to:

  • Scale the NairoBits program through the design of a blended learning model by developing an online learning system and framework for curriculum delivery and management
  • Audit of existing NairoBits software and infrastructure to address the needs of their beneficiaries
  • Conduct teacher training workshops on technology and human-centered design
  • Design of a virtual hub and student management portal to improve monitoring and evaluation structures

Impact: NairoBits currently reaches 2,000 young people annually.