Girl smiling in classroom

Fostering Entrepreneurial Development with EntreEd

Project Type: Virtual

When: Flexible

“In this age of educational accountability through standards and assessments with only one right answer and success measured by test scores, we need to keep young minds open for alternative ways of thinking…teach students not to get a job, but create one.” 

— Dr. Gene Coulson

Executive Director, The Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education

EntreEd champions entrepreneurship education, cultivating students for a prosperous future. Through leadership, professional development, advocacy, and networking, EntreEd curates educational practices and programs that forge entrepreneurial capabilities in all students. EntreEd infuses entrepreneurship in existing academic courses, teacher training, and community-based programs for K-12 students.

Project Opportunity: EntreEd is interested in leveraging a team of volunteers to:

  • Convert their annual November conference into an interactive event for their teachers
  • Create a membership portal (website + Salesforce integration?)
  • Support affiliate marketing and learning about SEO conversions

Impact: EntreEd has helped over 50,500 students improve, working at more than 125 designated schools in 11 different states.