Students smiling outside with school work; the African SOUP supports teacher training in Uganda through digital literacy.

Empower a Community through Education in Uganda with The African SOUP

With 70% of the Ugandan population under the age of 24, the students in primary school today are in the pipeline to become the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and voices of Uganda. But with less than 20% of pupils advancing onto secondary school, there is a distinct demand by the Ugandan government to improve the quality and delivery of education. The traditional lecture and rote memorization approach does not engage students in meaningful learning activities to construct knowledge for themselves. Active Learning emphasizes higher order skills such as creative thinking, critical analysis, and ethical behavior. 

The African SOUP is a burgeoning educational organization that takes after the fabled “Stone Soup” story. Inspired by the initiatives and drive of the local village in which we are rooted, the SOUP exists to provide a hand-up, not a hand-out. Our mission is to empower communities through national primary education change, informed by our community-development programming.

Project Opportunity: The African SOUP will be leveraging a team of Team4Tech volunteers from AppDynamics to:

  • Provide staff with basic digital literacy training as well as other capacity building around topics such as data management and visualization, picture and video production, lesson plan creation, and/or marketing program materials
  • Teach student workshops related to age-specific learning of basic computer skills including work processing, safe internet usage, and other age-appropriate needs
  • Digitization of the content for their teacher training program, the Active Learning Project 

Impact: Volunteers for this project will work directly with staff and teachers, upper-primary school students, and members of the community to support over 1,000 beneficiaries.