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Curbing Poverty through Digital Literacy in Liberia with EduCare

Local solutions are fundamental so solving local problems. By engaging directly at the local level, EduCare puts the power back in the hands of those working on the front lines of national development in their own local communities.

EduCare uses the tools of human and economic capacity building to foster the emergence of a regenerated Liberian population empowered and equipped for a better livelihood. Their programming is led by local women of the community who work together to identify issues and create and enact their own solutions to transform their communities.

Project Opportunity: Educare is collaborating with a team of volunteers to:

  • Train teachers remotely on productivity tools and relevant edtech software
  • Translate curriculum into a digital format and convert it to a universally accessible learning management system platform
  • Conduct a needs assessment of targeted schools infrastructure

Impact: This project will support 1,500 rural school learners across 15 rural schools in Liberia annually with a goal of reaching 15,000 learners over 5 years.