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Advancing Quality Schooling in India with Learning Links Foundation

Project type: Virtual or On-site (Day of Service/Short-term available)

When: Any Dates

Although the education system, especially with regards to access, has significantly improved, the quality of education and attainment of grade-level competencies continues to be a serious cause of concern in India. The 2015 Indian National Achievement Survey showed that over 50% of grade 10 students read below grade level and only 16% of grade 10 students are at grade level competency in Mathematics. This lack in education quality affects students for the rest of their life. Only 2.3% of the Indian workforce has undergone formal skill training and just over 10 million have been skilled last year which is less than 2.5% of the overall target set for 2022.

Learning Links Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing quality, promoting innovation and developing future-ready citizens. Their approach covers four domains: education solutions, skill building & entrepreneurship, technology & innovation, and consultancy & advisory. Their ultimate goal is to create a future where everyone has equal opportunities by empowering students to make the most of their talent, preparing educators to transform teaching, and skilling youth to be self-reliant.

Project Opportunity:

  • With Team4Tech’s support in 2020, LLF was able to launch a Teacher Professional Development Curriculum via a “MOOC”. They would like to build on this to further support their teachers by developing a dashboard for the district and block-level government officials to monitor teacher activity and usage of the MOOC TPD courses as well as document feedback from teacher monitoring visits. 
  • Enhance their monitoring & evaluation by developing a platform to track teacher performance-related data analytics at the individual and school level as well as provide professional development and training support for both the teachers and government officials to properly use the new dashboards and monitoring tools. This would be part of a larger shift to better identify their impact indicators and overall M&E strategy.
  • LLF recently launched a coding game/app for kids that teaches them different levels of coding from scratch up through unity. They would like support with improvements such as better UI/UX design of their app, developing it to be mobile-friendly, and strengthening the features on the platform to make it more interactive.
  • Support with their general digital footprint and strategy including, but not limited to, looking at their website and social media presence as well as creating a marketing plan.

Impact: Learning Links Foundation has impacted more than 16.4 million students by training over 2 million teachers. Over 80% of the teachers trained by Learning Links Foundation reported improvement in their instructional skills, which resulted in better student retention and lower dropout rates.