Pivoting to a Digital Model in Tanzania

Every child deserves access to quality education yet more than half of the world’s children are not learning critical math, literacy, and life skills. If current trends continue, by 2030 more than 750 million young people will not be on track to acquire basic secondary-level skills. A global teacher shortage, estimated to reach 69 million by 2030, makes this learning crisis even more pressing.

TeachUNITED is fearlessly reimagining teaching and learning for every child. An organization built for and by educators, they know that elevating local teachers is the best path to affecting long-term, positive change in the lives of children. Their mission is to partner with schools in rural and underserved areas where the need is most acute to transform teaching and learning by creating a global network of TeachUNITED schools. Teachers are supported, coached, and empowered to make meaningful shifts towards student-centered, engaged learning. By providing training, resources, and long-term connections for teachers in these communities, TeachUNITED improves student learning outcomes.

In partnership with Team4Tech, 11 corporate volunteers from AppDynamics will be supporting TeachUNITED virtually from July through September 2020. Leveraging the AppDynamos’ skillsets, TeachUNITED will pivot their overall strategy from in-person workshops to a digital model. The team will use human-centered design thinking to research and create a project plan for a new Learning Management System and design an offline distribution strategy. The volunteers will also be creating and leading workshops on RACHEL Server use as well as basic ICT skills – “mini-units” to scaffold teachers who are new to technology.

With Team4Tech’s support, TeachUNITED will have the resources to directly support 50 teachers and 3,500 students. This will indirectly reach more than 200 teachers, government and district officials, and students within the entire ecosystem of TeachUNITED.