Launching a robotics club in South Africa

Goal: T4T work setting up a new maker space and IT systems and training teachers on technology usage will help establish the LEAP 4 School and set it up for future successes.


Background: In South Africa, the education system is estimated to produce just one university graduate for every 100 children who start Grade 1. The youth unemployment rate is close to 50% and 8.3 million South Africans (15% of the total population) live on USD 1.90 a day.

Partner: LEAP Science and Maths Schools has six high schools and provides high quality, low-fee education to underserved youth living in the townships of South Africa.  All LEAP learners study Maths, Science, and English, have extended school days, and build self-confidence through a class called Life Orientation. This approach has resulted in astounding impact: an average 94% of LEAP students passing their Grade 12 final examinations (compared to a 76% national average and less than 1% for students from townships), and 81% of LEAP graduates qualifying for higher education (compared to a national average of less than 12% for students from townships and rural areas).

Project: In 2020, Team4Tech will be working with LEAP 4 School located in Diepsloot township in Johannesburg, South Africa. The T4T team of Cadence and Pure Storage employees will be:

  • Setting up LEAP 4 School’s IT infrastructure,
  • Providing training on maker tools for the new maker space at LEAP 4,
  • Creating an onboarding IT training program for all new LEAP teachers,
  • Piloting a robotics curriculum ensuring all LEAP schools will be ready to participate in the Lego Mindstorms EV3 competition in South Africa in 2020,
  • Providing capacity training to LEAP’s leadership on data analysis.