Improving water stations in schools in Ethiopia

Goal: T4T wants to support Splash’s initiatives toward accessible WASH through the use of technology and the creation of a manual for handwashing stations.

Background: Unsafe drinking water and a lack of water or soap for handwashing are responsible for 2.2 million deaths each year, 90% of whom are children. Given rapid population growth and urbanization, governments often struggle to provide equitable WASH (water, sanitation, and health) services. As a result, school WASH conditions suffer.

Partner: Splash is a non-profit organization that designs child-focused WASH and menstrual health solutions with governments in some of the world’s largest low-resource cities. Over the next five years, Splash is focused on reaching 100% of government schools in two major growth cities: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Kolkata, India. This exciting initiative is called Project WISE (WASH in Schools for Everyone). By the end of the project, for the first time, all government schools in Addis Ababa and Kolkata will have clean drinking water, handwashing stations, and child-friendly toilets.

Project: In June 2021, a T4T team of 10 Autodesk employees will support Splash to: 

  1. Utilize human-centered design principles to create and implement a framework to evaluate Splash’s plastic handwashing and drinking water stations.
  2. Assess station installation procedures and create a station installation manual, with a focus on non-English speaking audiences and visual instructions.
  3. Work with Splash’s infrastructure team members to optimize the use of Autodesk tools to support their technical workflow.