Expanding Educational Opportunities for Children in Kenya

A blog from Andrea Ramirez, a Team4Tech volunteer:

Volunteering in Kenya with Team4Tech was one of the most profound personal and professional experiences of my life. It was a tremendous privilege to utilize my technical skills to be part of Team4Tech’s vision to expand opportunities for children by improving the quality of education around the globe.

I grew personally and professionally by collaborating with the members of the Team4Tech project team, working together to set up the computer labs at the Kenyan schools and train local teachers. Getting the chance to work closely alongside the Kenyan staff and my professional colleagues to achieve the project goals came with challenges that I loved. All the challenges including getting acclimated to our new African environment, understanding the project goals, and solving technical problems came with great creativity and joy. We were able to see immediate results through the smiles on the faces of the teachers and children as they interacted with the computer labs.

As a software engineering professional, this experience was the ultimate culmination of some of my deepest passions: collaboration, technology, and education. This adventurous volunteer experience continues to resonate in my personal and professional life. It has given the importance of developing technology to improve lives and collaborating to promote global partnerships renewed impetus. It’s an experience I will never forget.